The State of Hurricane Forecasting in the US
weather-insights / 25 September 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey examines the state of hurricane forecasting in the US
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Hurricane Florence Track Accuracy
weather-insights / 18 September 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey examines the forecast accuracy for Hurricane Florence
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Hurricane Florence Contact Suspension Recommendations
post / 17 September 2018
Remnants of Florence move on but flooding still a concern
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Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall on North Carolina Coast
post / 14 September 2018
Hundreds in need of water rescues in North Carolina
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Hurricane Florence Approaches North Carolina Coast
post / 13 September 2018
Historic rainfall, floods, widespread power outages expected
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Category 4 Hurricane Florence Spins Toward the Carolinas
post / 12 September 2018
Stall off coast expected to bring historic rainfall and floods
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Florence, Olivia, Mangkhut Threaten North Carolina, Hawaii, and Guam
post / 10 September 2018
Evacuations start in North Carolina
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Tropical Activity High - Florence to Become a Major Hurricane
post / 08 September 2018
Florence increasingly likely to make landfall on southeastern seaboard
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Hurricane Florence Weakens To Tropical Storm
post / 07 September 2018
Expected to regain strength over the weekend and threaten the U.S. seaboard
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