Hurricane Florence Contact Suspension Recommendations

Remnants of Florence move on but flooding still a concern

Monday, September 17, 2018 12:48:00 PM -05:00

ContactRelief Recommendations for Contact Centers

ContactRelief is making public recommendations first made to subscribers on Sunday, September 16th, 2018. The remnants of Hurricane Florence continue to move through the mid-Atlantic states today and into New England. River flooding is still a major issue for the Carolinas. Eighteen people are reported to have died in the storm.

Using the ContactRelief Disaster Decision Engine Command Center, subscribers can view the areas with hurricane damage, flooding, power outages, FEMA Disaster Declarations including those areas where FEMA has provided individual assistance to home owners, and more.

The Disaster Decision Team at ContactRelief has been busy monitoring the newsfeeds for damage reports. In the ContactRelief Command Center, we have provided three alerts with event type Hurricane Damage, one for each of the three severities currently at play. ContactRelief recommends suspending contact with residents of North and South Carolina in the areas identified in the Moderate and Severe Hurricane Damage alert and the FEMA Individual Assistance alert. We expect to maintain this recommendation through the end of this week. We expect to maintain our recommendation to suspend contact with severely damaged areas for up to an additional week or longer depending on the circumstances. Subscribers are encouraged to implement specialized inbound routing for Hurricane Florence victims and make available any special programs for disaster victims.

To obtain the list of affected ZIP Codes, become a ContactRelief subscriber today.

ContactRelief is monitoring the after effects of the storm

We caution that this event is not over until the river flooding has subsided. The ContactRelief Disaster Decision Team will continue to monitor the development of these storms and issue additional advisories as warranted.

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