Menocino Complex Wildfire Largest in California History

With 443 square miles burned, surpasses 2017's Thomas Wildfire

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 7:15:00 AM -05:00

Mendocino Complex Wildfire Sets New Record

Northern California's Mendocino Complex fire has become the largest wildfire in Californian history. At 443 square miles, the fire has surpassed last year's previous record holder, the Thomas Fire.

The Mendocino Complex fire is composed of two separate fires burning in Mendocino, Lake, and Colusa counties. The fire has burned over 283,000 acres. Cal-Fire officials report that the fire is only 30% contained and full containment is not expected until next week. The fire threatens over 11,000 structures and has already destroyed over 140 residences and other structures.

Recommendations for Contact Centers

ContactRelief has maintained a recommendation to suspend contact with the areas under evacuation notices since July 29, 2018. We expect this recommendation to remain in place for some time after evacuation notices are lifted and for a longer time in areas where structures were destroyed or damaged due to the fire.

The ContactRelief Disaster Decision Team will continue to monitor the fire and issue additional advisories as warranted.

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