Our story

ContactRelief was founded to help business
show compassion to consumers in times of disaster.

At ContactRelief, our goal is to provide customers with the comprehensive, actionable intelligence they need to make smart business decisions in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

As former contact operators, we’ve experienced the first-hand impact that disasters can have on operational efficiencies and negative brand perceptions. As a result, we’ve used our knowledge to develop the industry’s first disaster recommendation engine. This automated, cloud-based platform provides unprecedented insights and recommendations for disaster-based contact operations, allowing users to adjust their contact strategies at the zip and geocode levels. Instead of relying on single source data or overly broad, outdated recommendations on disaster impact zones, ContactRelief’s customers use our near real-time precision recommendations to identify who should not be contacted and who is available to contact during and after disasters hit.

With ContactRelief, you now have a trusted partner to ensure that your efficiencies remain high, your brand risk is minimized and that you are working in unison throughout your organization.

Our team

Doug Schultz
Board of Advisors

Prior to co-founding ContactRelief in 2017, Doug was CEO and founder of United Recovery Systems (now Alltran) from 1977 to 2013. Under Doug's leadership, URS specialized in debt collection for top tier credit issuers in the credit card, retail, and auto finance industries. In 1993, his innovative thinking and pro-consumer philosophy lead to the development of one of the first disaster motivated call suspension programs in the debt collection industry.

In 2008, Doug started the Schultz Family Foundation. The foundation's focus is to provide funding to disaster relief charities as quickly as possible after a major disaster.

Mike Chandler

Before co-founding ContactRelief in 2017, Mike Chandler spent over 30 years working to develop statistical process control and predictive analytics for companies such as IBM, USDATA, and United Recovery Systems (now Alltran). As an EVP at URS, he helped architect the software used to run a large multi-site call center with the ability to respond to disaster conditions at any level. He holds an MBA with a marketing focus from the University of Texas at Dallas and a B.S. Chemical Engineering with a focus in computerized process control and optimization from the University of Texas at Austin.

Justin Martinez

Before joining ContactRelief in 2017, Justin served for 15 years as the Vice President of Operations for United Recovery Systems (now Alltran). At URS, Justin was responsible for call center performance, strategy, process improvement and optimization, and regulatory compliance. He brings with him 25 years of call center experience in third-party, first party, customer service, and debt purchasing operations. Justin studied Business Management and Sociology at Texas Wesleyan University.

Jeremy Newman
Prior to becoming President of ContactRelief in 2021, Jeremy served for 4 years as ContactRelief's Director of Operations. An experienced manager, Jermey previously served for 13 years leading network reliability teams for a large telecommunications company with responsibility for service delivery metrics. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Western Carolina University and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.
Michael Mancuso

As Chief Information Officer at ContactRelief, Michael Mancuso is responsible for all aspects of ContactRelief’s information infrastructure and software. Before co-founding ContactRelief in 2017, he worked for over 20 years developing distributed software for IBM, Andersen Consulting, and United Recovery Systems (now Alltran). As the senior enterprise architect at URS, he designed and developed one of the premier contact center applications in the collection industry. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University, as well as an MBA with a focus on Information Systems Management from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

Jim Kelleher
Vice President

Before joining ContactRelief, Jim Kelleher, served as President and Chief Operating Officer at United Recovery Systems (now Alltran) from 1982 until he retired in 2013. Jim spent over 30 years as a respected, innovative and forward-thinking leader in the debt collection and call center industry.

Drew Anderson
Board of Advisors

Drew Anderson was the Chief Operating Officer of United Recovery Systems (now Alltran). Drew brings with him over 30 years of Receivables Management experience in Banking, Retail, and Healthcare. At URS, Drew was responsible for day-to-day operations which included call center performance management, strategy, process improvement, and regulatory and operational compliance throughout the organization. He built his industry experience at Bank United, Texas Commerce Bank, Bank One Ltd., and Citigroup. Drew studied English at the University of Kentucky.

Terry Boneau
Board of Advisors

Terry worked for United Recovery Systems (now Alltran) for more than 30 years. In her role as Chief Administrative Officer, she was directly responsible for creditor onboarding, communication, reporting, and execution of creditor policies. This included implementing policies and procedures for processing and reporting all call suspension/resumption requests accurately and timely. While with URS, Terry also held various other Vice President and accounting positions.

KC Eynatten
Board of Advisors

KC brings with her over 25 years of experience working to assist consumers in natural disasters for State Farm Insurance. As Vice President of the Greater Houston Community Foundation, one of the largest non-profit grant makers in the Houston area, KC helped philanthropists bring a lasting and meaningful impact to their donations. More recently, she is instrumental in locating and funding disaster relief charities for the Schultz Family Foundation.

Thomas L. Korkmas
Board of Advisors

Thomas L. Korkmas worked in disaster relief operations for the Small Business Administration focusing on major hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. As a consultant, he develops disaster and business recovery plans for manufacturing, corporate and call center operations. He is also the owner of Commercial Dispute Resolution Associates, a mediation and arbitration provider and is a licensed real estate broker.