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Enhancing Contact Center Efficiency and Brand Value During Disasters

Natural and man-made disasters present a very complex set of challenges for those attempting to service and support the victims. But, when managed well, you can use these crises to significantly enhance long term customer loyalty while simultaneously maximizing the efficiency of your contact center operations.

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The frantic 2017 and 2018 severe weather seasons showed the truly devastating nature of these crisis events, with damages to consumers and businesses reaching nearly $400B. So as we embark on the 2019 severe weather season, we highlight what you need to know to ensure your business is prepared.

Case Studies

VeriFacts Automates Disaster Strategies with ContactRelief
VeriFacts Automates Disaster Strategies with ContactRelief

With approximately 100 outbound contact professionals making upwards of 5,000 call attempts per day, VeriFacts found that its manually driven disaster operations processes came with numerous opportunities for improvement. Looking for ways to maximum contact outreach and improve disaster-related efficiencies, VeriFacts turned to ContactRelief for help.


Make smarter contact decisions during hurricanes and other disasters

When disasters strike, if you're relying on traditional strategies that are too narrow or much too broad for your capabilities, you're likely bringing operational inefficiencies unnecessary brand risk to your company. During this webinar, we discuss how you can protect your brand while remaining efficient during times of crisis.