Hurricane Florence to Cost $20-$30 Billion

ContactRelief issues new recommendations for subscribers

Monday, October 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM -05:00

Hurricane Florence Recovery Update

It has been over two weeks since Hurricane Florence made landfall on the North Carolina coast. Property analytics firm CoreLogic estimates the damage from wind and flood losses to exceed $20 billion dollars. Much of the damage is a result of flooding, both during the initial storm surge and days after. Record-setting amounts of water dumped on North and South Carolina as Florence meandered down the coastline and back up through the interior of both states caused late-stage heavy river flooding in many communities.

During the storm and throughout the recovery effort using the ContactRelief Disaster Decision Engine Command Center, subscribers could view the areas with hurricane damage, power outages, late-stage river flooding, FEMA Disaster Declarations including those areas where FEMA has provided individual assistance to homeowners, and more. Over the last two weeks, we monitored the river flooding closely in both North and South Carolina, adding these areas to our recommended contact suspension zone as floodwaters inundated the surrounding communities.

With the receding river waters, the difficult job of rebuilding these communities begins in earnest. Subscribers to the ContactRelief Disaster Decision Engine including some of the nation's largest credit grantors have responded with many telling us that they quickly activated forbearance programs across the region giving those affected needed time to assess the damage and start the recovery process. It is now essential that our subscribers resume contact with consumers in the region to provide needed services, and as a result, we are issuing new recommendations for our subscribers.

ContactRelief Recommendations for Contact Centers

ContactRelief is making public recommendations first made to subscribers on Sunday, September 30th, 2018. ContactRelief recommends resumption of contact with all consumers in North and South Carolina except for certain ZIP Codes in South Carolina where very late-stage river flooding has only recently subsided. We caution that it will take many months for the area to recover completely. Subscribers are urged to continue specialized treatment of affected consumers over the coming weeks.

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