ContactRelief Announces Nationwide Power Outage Data Feed

Automated feed from power outage data feed will be available soon to ContactRelief subscribers

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 8:30:00 AM -05:00

ContactRelief is partnering with Bluefire Studios to incorporate their nationwide power outage data in ContactRelief's Disaster Decision Engine. The automated data feed will complement ContactRelief's existing data feeds from FEMA, the National Weather Service, and others, and ContactRelief's team of Disaster Decision Engine analysts that monitor hundreds of news sites for breaking news events.

Read our press announcement here.

The automated power outage data feed will give ContactRelief clients critical insight into the real-time situation of millions of consumers across the country. Using this insight, ContactRelief subscribers can shape their contact strategy to avoid areas where power outages will make contact attempts less successful, improving their overall contact efficiency.

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