Hurricane Hector Heading for Hawaii
post / 03 August 2018
ContactRelief recommends amplifying contact to Hawaii before disaster preperations begin
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All Quiet on the Hurricane Front
weather-insights / 31 July 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey assesses the very quiet Atlantic hurricane season
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AVDS Partners with ContactRelief
press / 28 July 2018
Automated Voice and Data Solutions (AVDS) recommends ContactRelief for its contact center clients.
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Climate Disasters 2018
weather-insights / 25 July 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey puts the 2018 climate disaster the microscope
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June Climate Retrospective
weather-insights / 17 July 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey reviews the U.S. Climate in June 2018
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Hurricane Chris Parallels U.S. Coast
post / 10 July 2018
Rough seas for the U.S. coastline as Chris threatens Nova Scotia
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2018 Hurricane Prediction Update
weather-insights / 09 July 2018
Meteorologist Dr. Kevin Levey looks CSU's updated hurricane prediction for 2018
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Tropical Storm Chris Expected to Become a Hurricane
post / 09 July 2018
Beryl dissapates but likely to reform
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New Tropical Storm Forms as Beryl Heads Towards Puerto Rico
post / 08 July 2018
Tropical Storm Chris expected to reach Hurricane strength
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